Planning it right!

Jiji Smithan John
2 min readNov 30, 2020


I had stacked up many chores for the approaching Saturday. There was a birthday party in the morning to attend. I had a mental list of all the cleaning at home that I planned to do — wash my baby’s mattress, clean the toys, sun dry the quilt etc.

On Friday my baby had a fall and we had to rush him to the hospital. I spent all Saturday in the hospital tending to my baby. All my to-do list for Saturday went down the drain.

We make big plans and then all of a sudden, the bottom block of our Jenga tower is pulled out bringing down the entire structure to a heap of rubble. Does this sound familiar?

How do you handle such situations? In my case, I remembered the verse in the Bible that said, “You may make your plans but the Lord directs your paths”.

And what does that mean? Is it wrong to plan? Well, surely not. We need to stay organized and therefore planning is necessary. I believe the way to go about it is we should plan and then give space for God to execute His purpose. Wherever the two don’t meet, we should be able to let go and allow His plan to take precedence. Expect disruptions. That will help us to lean on God more to complete the Task rather than our plan.

That way, even if your Jenga Tower comes tumbling down, you still have the Architect by your side to piece it all together again. :-)